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Water exercises

Aquatic exercise is a low-impact activity that takes the pressure off your bones

Water exercises make it easier for those who suffer from arthritis or for those who find land-based exercises to be too high impact for their joints.

Swimming and walking is becoming increasingly popular, with classes popping up across the country

Working out in water can help improve cardiovascular fitness, balance and range of motion.

Are you an Aqua fitness Instructors?
Are you looking for a certified training course,
able to offer a great opportunity for your career?

Discover Acquapole®: an innovative water tool and revolutionary training program, able to satisfy any customer!

Acquapole® is an innovative water tool that was conceived, patented and produced in Italy in 2010 by Aqua fitness instructor and pool owner Ph.D. Monica Spagnuolo in collaboration with Aqua fitness international instructor Ph.D. Stefania Manfredi. This revolutionary tool and a new aquatic training method is effective, fun and able to retain and increase the number of customers, who are always more difficult to satisfy!


In fact, the positive reviews about Acquapole® were so numerous and immediate that its sale began just a year later.
Today, Acquapole® is located in many European, American, Asian and Australian fitness clubs, aquatic centers and sports complexes… Approx. 10% of people in the World do Acquapole® Fitness!

Above all, Acquapole® is officially recognized as one of the most versatile, multifunction water fitness equipment.

Register for Acquapole® Certified Course

and benefit from a world of career advantages!

No requirement is needed to register to Acquapole® certified first level Course, accredited: you only need a desire to learn and begin a successful profession! Different from other training programs, this course will offer you:

li-acqua a valuable opportunity to boost your career and increase your profits

li-acqua all practical-theoretical knowledge to stand out from your colleagues!

This Unique and Original Method developed by Acquapole® inventors will be taught to you during the course.

With this course, you will be able to prepare
Acquapole® fitness lessons on your own 

Training effects

Acquapole® allows performing over 150 strengthening and muscle toning exercises that contribute to sculpt and define abdomen, shoulders and hips (subject to greater resistance in water) and at the same time, improve the cardiovascular system.


Suitable for all customers

By registering to Acquapole® certified first level Course, you will be able to perform an Acquapole® Fitness Tone lesson that suits the needs of any customer: athletic and non athletic, young and elderly, men and women, oversize and lean!


Always amusing. Never repetitive!

Born from the need of a trainer to retain and increase the number of customers of her aquatic center, Acquapole® is the ideal solution to train in water while having fun, because it is able to engage also those people who find the usual swimming lessons boring!


Don’t miss out on this great opportunity: register now!

Price 1 level 250 € . Limited space available.


What’s the course about?


Acquapole® certified first level Course, accredited, foresees a theoretical session (of approx. 3 hours) and a practical session in the pool (of approx. 5 hours). You will learn:

li-acqua   the exclusive Acquapole® training program based on the following principles:
–  achievement of proper posture,
–  use of water not only as resistance but also as support,
–  training of the entire body in each session,
–  use of Acquapole® water tool in a training, amusing and original way, able to satisfy all your customers.

li-acqua   all the necessary skills to start preparing your Acquapole® Fitness lessons immediately.


You will receive Acquapole®’s Instructor Certificate at the end of the course and will be a part of international community of professionals who are constantly in contact and undergo program updates.

We remind you that this is the first course cycle qualified to train Acquapole® certified instructors.

Additional Workshop

We remind you this is an additional workshop, not always available. Please check for workshop availability below.

Acquapole® Boxing Bag

During  this workshop you will  learn how to use a boxing bag added to your pole. You will focus on kicks punches and abs. And you will allow your customers to kick their  stress away.


Acquapole® Elastic Pole

During this workshop you will learn how to use elastic bands added to your pole with a clamp. You can train with hight intensity and also increase flexibility.

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